Selasa, 24 Januari 2012


when the first time we met. the only thing i admire is your eyes... its so delightful to see my self trough.

i knew that you have belong to some body, but still... i put hopes and wishes that we can came along together in wonderful relationship as a friend.

we make a promises that we will always be open to each other and to advising if we fall into mistakes.

i try to grand you my word to be always be in your side when you need it.

but the more i try, the more this feeling change into an amusing pity and by the time shaped to be love.

that the time i try to leave you, ignore your presence, hide my self and the worse: i try to erase you completely from me.

nor message and call you try, i always rejected to take your wish that we will be like the time we talk and walk, sit and stare, or the routinize to send you my poem that you never could understand.

i don't know how... now i feel like an empty shell.

is it because i am jealous? or because i knew that i will never be in your side nor get you in a part of my life.

and now, every thing just too late... you had decide to give up, for renew the relationship. and i??? what a relief that i also agree as you.

oh... if it is a sin, Allah... for give us

but if it is for our goodness, Allah, lead us stand still in your way.


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